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Announcing Pubcookie 3.3.2 Beta 2
Component:  Pubcookie 3.3.2
Audience:  All
Modified:  September 13, 2006

Release notes for Pubcookie 3.3.2 Beta 2:

Subject: Pubcookie 3.3.2 Beta 2 Released

A second beta release of Pubcookie 3.3.2 has been posted on the project
web site for evaluation:

This beta release addresses two issues found in 3.3.2-beta1:

  * University of Wisconsin-Madison contributors fixed a possible 
    loop condition in the login cgi.

  * University of Washington contributors fixed a bug in the Apache 
    module's new use of output filters.

Neither change is large, but we do want to allow sites a chance to test 
this release. Therefore, we'll extend the evaluation period a few 
additional days. Please report any problems you find to the users list.


Nathan Dors
Pubcookie Project
University of Washington
Phone: 206/543-0624
FAX: 206/221-6966

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Modified: September 13, 2006