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Announcing Pubcookie 3.2.1 Beta 1
Component:  Pubcookie 3.2.1
Audience:  All
Modified:  May 16, 2005

Release notes for Pubcookie 3.2.1 Beta 1:

Subject: Pubcookie 3.2.1 Beta 1 Released

Pubcookie 3.2.1 Beta 1 has been posted on our downloads page.

For Unix systems, this beta release includes a handful of minor bug
fixes and just one new minor feature. See doc/CHANGES.txt in the Unix
tarball for details.

For Windows IIS, this beta release includes all changes since the 3.1.1
release. Most notably, the Pubcookie DLL now acts as an ISAPI extension
as well as an ISAPI filter. As before, the filter manages access to
resources and initiates authentication. The extension has been added to
consume replies from the login server. Together, they implement the
POST-based login method introduced in mod_pubcookie 3.2.0, thus
replacing the classic enterprise-cookie-based method used in the past.  
Additional fixes and enhancments have been made to the Windows
keyclient and Windows Installer package.

Your feedback will be instrumental in evaluating this beta and shaping
documentation for the final 3.2.1 release. We encourage you to work
with these new components on non-production systems, particularly with
interesting, multi-site configurations on Windows.

Nathan Dors
Pubcookie Project
University of Washington
Phone: 206/543-0624
FAX: 206/221-6966

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