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Announcing Pubcookie 3.1.0
Component:  Pubcookie 3.1.0
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Modified:  May 16, 2004

Release announcement for Pubcookie 3.1.0:

Subject: Pubcookie 3.1.0 Released!

The Pubcookie team is pleased announce the release of version 3.1.0 of 
the Pubcookie web single sign-on package.

This release is compatible with version 3.0, so sites can upgrade
their Pubcookie login server and maintain interoperability with
existing 3.0 application server modules. However, new features 
available in the 3.1 application server modules do require a 3.1
Pubcookie login server.

The new components are available now for download on the project website:

Major changes include:

  * Apache 2 support.  With new configure options to help you build the
    Apache module for Apache 2.0.x or Apache 1.3.x.

  * Virtual host support.  Allows you to use Pubcookie with SSL-enabled
    virtual servers on both Apache and IIS.

  * Cross-DNS-domain relay.  Allows applications to authenticate across
    DNS domains.

  * New site policy configuration.  Provides more control over the login 
    server interactions with users.

  * New keyclient -G option.  Allows the keyclient to download your site's
    "granting" certificate.

  * Microsoft Installer (.msi) and IIS MMC extension.  Eases installation
    and configuration of the Pubcookie ISAPI filter.

  * SSPI/SChannel support.  Allows the Windows keyclient to use native
    security libraries and use existing Windows certificate stores.

  * FastCGI support.  Allows you to run the login cgi as a FastCGI process
    to handle multiple requests.

  * On-Demand functionality.  Allows applications to authenticate users 
    on demand (Apache module only).

  * No-prompt and variable session reauth.  Give applications more control
    over authentication behavior.

  * Enhanced Kerberos credential passing.  Allows an application to
    request more than one Kerberos service ticket. (Requires Kerberos.)

  * Revised and updated documentation.

For a thorough list of changes since the 3.0.0 release, see:

Thanks to all the developers and to the wider Pubcookie community for 
helping us with this release.

Nathan Dors
Pubcookie Project
University of Washington
Phone: 206/543-0624
FAX: 206/221-6966

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Modified: May 16, 2004